April 26, 2015

EDU/NEO Information (students)

Log into your EDU/NEO account

  • Go to smroyals.edu20.org and log in or use the ED/NEO link on the right at smroyals.org

    • username: your SMHS ID number (e.g., 123456)

    • password: your 6-digit birthday (e.g., 072098)

  • Click on the image next to your name in the upper right corner

    • Click Edit in the upper right corner of the center section

    • Click Info and fill in your Gmail address. Click Save.

You must invite your parent/guardian to join EDU/NEO

  • Click on Users from the top menu

  • Click on Invite Parent (upper right corner)

  • Type the number of parents/guardians you want to invite

  • Fill in your parent/guardian email address and names at the bottom of the form

  • Click Send. They will receive an email from you with instructions on how to accept their own EDU account. Tell them the email is coming and to check spam

  • If they do not have an email address, Ms Murdoch can create an account for them. See her in the front office

How to enroll in your classes  —  You must do this in order to get credit for your assignments

  • Hover over Classes and choose Catalog

  • Classes are listed by Term Period Course Name (teacher)

  • Find your first period class and click on it

  • Click the Enroll button on the right to confirm that this is the class you want

  • Hover over Classes and repeat these steps for your other classes